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Based on the fanfic Last Resort by @sniperct

Thank you so much for writing it and I die asdfghjfsady


Sometimes I just have to step back and marvel at how much wasted screenspace there is on Tumblr.

Okay but what kind of resolution is 1895×2700

is manon canonically queer? i stopped reading after queen of shadows because of college things but i felt like they were trying to set her up with dorian. wassup with that

I’m not sure yet but she reads as incredibly bisexual to me. I’m at the half-way point of Empire of Storms RN and they’re definitely being set up.

Like most of the het ships in ToG I don’t..hate it? But I’m not that into it.

The Spider’s Lair

Chapters: ½
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe/Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix, Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe/Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler
Characters: Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix, Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Jesse McCree, Sombra | Olivia Colomar, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Logan (X-Men)
Additional Tags: old west au, Widow is Miss Kitty, Poker, Threesome – F/F/F, Porn With Plot, Shameless Smut, Face-Sitting, Cunnilingus, Wall Sex, Light Bondage, Jealousy, Sex for Money, Cowboys & Cowgirls
Series: Part 1 of The Spider’s Lair

A combination saloon and cathouse, the Spider’s Lair has been run by Amélie since Ana Amari disappeared. One of her regulars is the town doctor, Angela Ziegler, who’s also unfortunately in love with her.

Amélie looks forward to nothing all that unusual for her night, until a newcomer steps through the doors and plans change.



The Spider’s Lair


korra: want to help me wash my hair?

asami: *an elf in a universe where elves canonically have a hair kink* I’d love to.

Asami: *in her head*

Also asami in her head:

most of the foods on that list that I don’t eat are entirely because of texture and mouth feel issues.

sushi? hell yes. Mushrooms? Zucchini? Pickles? Ugh

Some things I’ll eat with the right prep. Tomatoes I can’t stand the texture of unless they’re cooked a certain way as part of something else.

Nutella though is an abomination upon this earth and should be destroyed






I’m at 5 what about you?

5, but three of those are food allergies.


3. However, that answer assumes most common preparations on veggies. 2 of those, I will gladly eat if they’re soup.

18.  Some because of food allergies



gettin real tired of people pretending that the writers not explaining every little thing in detail is the same thing as a plothole tbh

has to think once while watching something whoa this is bad writing

With Quenta all done except for the edits and another Last Resort chapter in beta and added to the buffer, it’s time to start the actual nano project:

Narn i Roe Nestaid – The Tale of Healing Wings

Set near the end of the Second Age, some years before the Last Alliance is formed to fight Sauron. (Roughtly SA 3425, about 16 years before the end of the Second Age) It’s in the same timeline as Quenta and Until We Meet Again.

The principle characters being a Noldor healer named Gailhirin (Bright Lady), known to the mortals of her adopted town as Angela, and a Sindar dancer named Aelfheryn (swan queen), known as Amelie to those same mortals. It follows Amelie’s capture by the Dark Numenorean known as Moira, and Angela’s quest to save her before she’s broken irrecovably.

Quenta was my desire to write an Elf/Mortal romance and all the tragedy thereof. Roe Nestaid is my desire to write a darker tale of corruption and the growing shadow. It’s a less grand story, in terms of traveling and set piece type scenes, but I think that suits the story I want to tell.

Among Angela’s companions in this quest is Silmemeren (Shining Joy, lit translation closer to ‘gay’), a woodland elf also known as Tracer, Reinhardt, an old Numenorean general, Torbjorn, one of Durin’s Folk, Ana, a Noldor Huntress (who I really need to figure out her elvish name) and her daughter Fareeha. They’ll also come across a beautiful red-haired River-woman that Tracer falls madly in love with.

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