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Mala of the Long Road Finale

Waking before sunrise, Mala had her camp broken down and her horse prepped by the first rays of light. She felt a sense of urgency that she hadn’t experienced in years and rode like the gates of hell had opened up behind her. Though she had now ridden into places she’d only heard whisperings about, she knew where she was headed.

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Mala of the Long Road Part 2



Early the next day, Mala guided Dawn at a brisk walk down the sunlit path through the forest. Her armor weighed on her, but it was a short ride to the next town. Once, far to the north and west, she’d fought alongside warriors who’d worn little more than a loincloth into battle. Their offensive strength had impressed her but she preferred the weight of the plate on her chest and the reassurance of the padding that had saved her from the monster’s blade. She’d picked up a few tricks, though, and thinking about that she reached for the haft of her new axe. It hummed under her hand. She would have to be careful. Weapons like these could consume a person if used too much. She’d witnessed that first hand, and it was a bitter memory.

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