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pink haired gfs madly in love 💘 commission for @nicholael


In the name of the void! 🌌🖤✨



“Hey, doll face. Ever kissed a space marine?”

“Sergeant, you’re drunk. And your wedding to Mr. Fix-It is tomorrow.”

“Exactly. It’s my last night as a bachelorette. Let’s make the most of it.”


Spent the evening doing this to distract myself from some bad family news. Hope you guys like it, I’m proud of the shading.

[ Image Description: A digital image of Sergent Calhoun and Sorceress. Sorceress is a blue skinned elf with dark blue hair. They are kissing, Calhoun is holding Sorceress’ face and Sorceress is holding Calhoun’s waist.]

Warm Up Prompt: Sparring


Korra groaned as she landed on the floor. 

“Are you alright?” 

Korra opened her eyes and stared up at Asami. 

“No. That hurt,” Korra gripped as she pushed herself up.

Asami offered a hand and helped Korra up. The Avatar sighed heavily as she rubbed the back of her head. Asami chuckled and planted a kiss on Korra’s forehead. Korra feigned irritation but pecked Asami on the cheek. 

“In my defense, you’re the one who asked me to help train you in advanced hand to hand,” Asami said as she stepped back. “You need to be able to fight without bending.”

“I know,” Korra said with a heavy sigh. “You may just have to take it easy on me.”

“Korra, I am taking it easy on you.” 


@lifeofaclashynote‘s beautiful  paranormal mom Zsofia Karakaya!


snowplum 💕



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