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Commission for @meilina-autumnshade~~


Blood Elf Cosplay by Jessica Nigri

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Jessica Nigri as Blood Elf.

The photos were taken by Alessandro Casini

You can find Jessica Nigri on: [WWW] [facebook] [twitter] [youtube] [tumblr] [instagram] [worldofcosplay.net] [IMDB] [wikipedia(en)]

You can find Alessandro Casini on: [WWW] [facebook] [facebook] [twitter] [deviantart] [tumblr]

You can find 16163 cosplay galleries in my database, 35 of them are Blood Elf cosplays


Blood Elf Fanart by Fiship

You can find Fiship on: [tumblr]

You can find 38455 fanarts in my database, 60 of them are Blood Elf fanarts.


Training expressions and portraits~

My blood elf mage.


Brave Archer by Eva Widermann for Hearthstone

I lol’d


The beautiful art of the lovely ladies featured as my avatar pic!

Artist is Rurukatt 


Uhhhh it’s been so long since I’ve posted on this blog, that in the meantime I’ve accumulated a tiny bit of art of Rhai! This is definitely my favorite of them, unsurprisingly by the lovely @spectr00m

(Who I’m definitely due to get more art from, mind you!)


I wanted to share these concepts for an upcoming scenario I’m working on for Tairis. After the battle of Lordaeron the Light acted in an unexpected way.
I’m exploring the negative/physical consequences the Light can do to the body if channeled without a clear faith in your cause.

The second image is to show how her scar looks like and where it’s originated from. I wanted to emulate the effect of a piece of glass shattering and the cracks that scatter through it. Hope you like it, more is on the way! 🙂


Commission portraits.
I tried to use a different way to make a linework. 1 and 3 works are with less accurate lines, more “comic style”. And only 2 is my old lines style. To be honest, I don’t see any difference in the finished versions.
WIPs of them you can see on my Patreon page, where different lines are visible (WIPs/sketches tier for 1$ per month).

And all my links:
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A commission of my beautiful elven spellblade, Lady Quelyris Netherstar, in a dazzling gown in mulberry purple. This is how I often envision her in my head – sweeping through hallways and dances like a regal queen, always a flash of silk and lace.

Quelyris is part of @felthier‘s guild canon. She is cousin to Izulde Netherstar, the reigning lord of the Emberlight, and a withdrawn, studious woman accustomed to the intricacies of court life and the practice of all schools of magic. Though many elves seem to deviate towards a fire that burns as bright as the sun, her touch and reception is as chilly as the depths of space.

I’ve been wanting to get an outfit designed for her forever and I’m so pleased with how this came out! This was initially part of the artist’s YCH auctions, but I was so in love with it when I saw it that I couldn’t help but pick it up. I cropped in to two of my favorite detail shorts of this piece so you could really appreciate the artist’s awesome work.

Go check out laminanati.deviantart.com. They’re amazing.

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