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so this has been bouncing around my head for a while and I’m still not sure if this is the best way to phrase it, but…

making opportunities for everyone to explore their gender and orientation means nothing if it’s not safe for people to be wrong about their gender and orientation. otherwise, “exploring your identity” becomes limited to “confirming what you were already pretty sure of,” which isn’t going to do anything for anyone who isn’t already at that stage.

like, time and again i’ve seen people questioning whether they’re allowed to use certain pronouns or labels if they’re still questioning those identities or if they need to wait until they’re more sure of the label. or people being worried that changes in how they identify and the language they use to describe themselves will validate stereotypes.

and this is the result of a culture where choosing an identity label that ends up being wrong is far worse than never exploring your identity in the first place. it’s the same reason people freak out about trans kids, because what if they decide they aren’t trans after all in the future? it’s also why i’ve run into multiple callouts on this site that include things like “10 years ago they called themself a ‘lesbian with an exception’ for a couple of months,” because trying to reconcile old identities with new experiences is seen as a threat.

and in the end, the people this attitude ends up punishing are folks who are targeted by cissexism and/or heterosexism, but are lacking some of the language or the experiences or even the community that would allow them to express how those systems impact them.

Take all the time you need to figure it out. Try different clothes, pronouns, names. Our society doesnt make this easy. Theres nothing wrong with being wrong while you figure it out

and just because you settle on something different later doesnt mean you were ‘wrong’ before 


My editor for X-men Black: Emma Frost posted the blank mugshot variant cover on twitter specifically so we can have fun memeing with it. I feel very alive


Sketch :u


Barbara on RWBY Rewind today.

I swear I made this post before but I cant find it. But anyway! Barb once said yang’s hair was a symbol of her strength, like Samson.

I want to see her lose it, and I want to see her lose it by cutting it off herself as a symbol of healing and moving on, and finding that her strength runs deeper and she doesn’t need her hair to be that symbol any more.


if you don’t believe I have a gif of Holt saying ‘vindication’ tagged with ‘bumbleby’ saved in my drafts for That Day you don’t know me

adam is the rose that brought beauty and the beast together. his part in the story will be over eventually



Yang: yeah, I’m totally a top

Yang, fifteen minutes later, tied to the headboard with Gambol Shroud: wait


 this is for my gf cause i know she ships them 💖

(anatomy??? i dont know her) 



Yang with an undercut, as requested by @wow-kitten and my bby @technicallyblakebelladonna !! ❤

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