Tales of Glory






I’m 85% sure Batman has really really bad Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Not, “keep things tidy” or “wash my hands until they bleed” but, like, his obsession with being Batman and fighting crime is driven by fear. The repeating thought of “if I don’t become this bat vigilante then people will die” is… irrational. But he doesn’t see it that way. He trains. He can’t not train. If he doesn’t then people die. He pushes himself to the brink of death, pushing himself beyond the limitations of his body because if he relents for just a moment people will die. It’ll be his fault. He needs to be out on the street every night. He needs to train every day.

Without people like Alfred, his obsession would’ve killed him within the first year. That’s not normal. He literally cannot stop himself from going out and fighting crime. He tried to stop being Batman before, but he always come back to it. He’s too afraid. He needs to be Batman. It’s all he thinks about.

By all means he should be dead. He’s basically insanely smart and lucky.

Thinking he’s personally responsible for the deaths in Gotham is his obsession. His compulsion is to train all the time and to go out every night to fight criminals.

Batman definitely has obsessive compulsive disorder.

Other examples of his irrational ways of thinking include

“I need to be miserable and alone.”

“Using a gun makes me as bad as the serial killers”

“Killing no matter the circumstance will turn me into someone like the Joker.”

In a DC Nation comic they put multiple hero’s sanctuary files, Batman being one of them, and at the bottom listed their diagnoses conditions.

Damn I’m good


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