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I love cleaning! I don’t have a housekeeper, I clean the entire house on my own…sometimes my husband helps me and other times he doesn’t and his excuse is “you love cleaning.” I find cleaning very relaxing, for me it is clean house, clean mind.

Dichen Lachman photographed by Rie Rasmussen for Imagista


Ranger Sylvanas by SashaKim


Night Elf Druid (WIP) Unfinished

[Artist: Dennis Fröhlich ]



Inktober 02 – Nelf Luna AU (?) by Lunareth


I’ve finished re-reading the Silmarillion (for the 5th time ugh) so here have Lúthien and Huan 


Commission for @meilina-autumnshade~~


Cosplayer: Anastasya Zelenova.

Country: Russia.

Cosplay: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Photos by: @scketch_turner



Model Updates

People really want the glowing eye options for female Worgen—any plans to have that customization?

  • This option is planned, it just wasn’t shown in the presentation.
  • They would like to interate models even further. They’re happy the permanent scowl on Worgen Females are gone, but the models still have a chihuahua look, and they want more facial customization options.

Oh thank god

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