Tales of Glory



First Warbringers short is up!


What’s the backstory on this? I remember Jaina from WC3, she was the only decent human – tried to make peace with Thrall etc. Not followed the Alliance story at all beyond that… and not been a huge fan of where some of the Horde story has gone either (undead are now traditional hurp durpa evil – they started as an interesting race who only wanted survival)

Every time Jaina offered a hand of peace it got slapped away. It culminated in a genocidal dictator taking over the Horde, stealing a powerful artifact with the help of the blood elves within the Kirin Tor, attacking Theramore, drawing most of the alliance generals to help and then dropping the functional equivalent of a magical nuke on Theramore, ripping it apart at the molecular level across multiple realities and killing everyone there including her best friends, her apprentice, and Rhonin. The backlash of magical energy nearly drove her mad and she nearly flooded orgrimmar in a tidal wave before she was talked down.

She was less vengeful for a bit until the War Crimes book when the dictator escaped during his trial. She wasn’t around much in WoD but in Legion she left the Kirin Tor when they let the horde back in.

She’s basically come to believe her father was right, because of how often it seems like the horde gets all murderous. And you know, nuking her town after years of her trying to keep the peace.

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