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rwby characters as john mulaney quotes


Ruby Rose: “They’re like, ‘Does that work?’ I’m like, ‘It didn’t NOT work.’”

Weiss Schnee: “So I was in Conneticut, doing white people things.”

Blake Belladonna: “College was like a four-year game show called Do My Friends Hate Me or Do I Just Need to Go to Sleep? But instead of winning money, you lose $120,000.”

Yang Xiao Long: (throws a bottle on the ground) “SCATTER!!!!”

Jaune Arc: “I’m new in town, and it gets worse.”

Nora Valkyrie: “I guess someone said something like “something something police.” And in a brilliant moment of word association I yelled “fuck da police!” and everyone else joined in. A hundred drunk white children yelling fuck da police.”

Pyrrha Nikos: “You could pour soup in my lap and I’d probably apologize to you.”

Lie Ren: “God, I guess they’re finally going to kill us all -alright. This is younger than I thought, but we are pretty big assholes.”

Penny Polendina: “I don’t like robots…thinkin’ of things.”

Emerald Sustrai: “I have had a very long day. I am very small. And I have no money. So you can imagine the kind of stress that I am under.”

Mercury Black: “Top three colleges? I thought I’d be dead in a trunk with my hand hanging out of the tail light by now.”

Roman Torchwick: “You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.”

Neo: “Sometimes babies will point at me and I do not care for that shit at all.”

Cinder Fall: “So, you know how I’m filled with rage?”

Winter Schnee: “Fourteen years ago, I smoked cocaine the night before my college graduation. Now I’m afraid to get a flu shot. People change.”


Fox: “Everyone outta my way! I just wanna sit here and feed my birds.”

Velvet: “Every time I walk down the street, I need everyone, all the time, to like me so much–it’s exhausting.”

Yatsu: “i am six feet tall. i lower myself, i go, “hi. knock, knock”… i say “knock, knock” out loud….“

Ironwood: “Don’t you have to do a shift at school tomorrow?” *drinking like it’s the end of the world* “Ehhhh, I’ll just show a video.” “That’s why teachers show videos?!”

Goodwitch: “If I’m like on the street and I see a group of thirteen year olds ahead of me, I will cross to the other side of the street.”

Qrow: “So apparently somebody came out holding this old antique bottle and they were like, ‘is this whiskey or perfume?’ So I drank the whole thing, threw the bottle down, and said ‘it’s perfume.’ And it was.”

Raven: “Pointing to an on-fire garbage can: ‘this could be a nursery!’”

Taiyang: “Cause he never forgets a bitch ever.”

Ozpin: “It’s so much easier to not do things then it is to do them.”


Commission for Yumisara! I really enjoyed this character and the dress ❤ I’m always daydreaming dressing up my OCs like this but who has time for that. Not me, lol.

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also this was sylvanas gf and their baby

When I was watching the scene during the quest I kinda paid more attention to this and you are right it is Sylvanas lover & their daughter.. 


when Sylvanas notices shes fallen she stops firing into the mass of scourge to pick her up & tells her “take her.. run!” then she sees the scourge are everywhere & the leader she kills as many as she can to make room for lover & their daughter to escape 


and when Arthas rips her soul from her body before he binds her to the Lich King she looks upon her soulless body & up hoping to see that they escaped..


but they didn’t…


and Sylvanas cries out…


I better get something about shandris feathermoon in full furious rage, she’s the best general the night elves have, she’s still alive, she still has her fortress, and she’s bound to be pissed. even going on the idea that sylvanas was trying to break the night elves’ spirit (which is where i stand), I think she miscalculated.

My wife pointed out that if you really wanted to break the nelf spirit, burn Nordrassil on mount hyjal. burning teledrassil is just going to make them angry,


Happy Friday 💫✨😘


I would kill for mystique’s power set

Whats with Star Wars fans on YouTube and refusing to accept that Cheli Aphra and Sabine Wren are not white?

They’re dumb and racist

I like how I included Logan as a milf and no one has said anything


Just Gals being Pals


She’ll get there someday.

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