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I saw a some Draenei art with four horns and i just had to make an oc of my own with multiple! Her name is Ena and she’s Fove’s older sister. 

Ena had a son with a regular Draenei after he had helped defend against the legion. While she was still pregnant he died in an ambush leaving her to raise the child on her own. She’s a protection Paladin and will die for those who are her family. She’s one mamma you don’t wanna mess with.


Saskia by Neirr


Iyeris of the Black Tide by: https://artistsnclients.com/people/Michele_Montini


My Void Elf, Baroness Kato Sunbane. Mob Boss and arrogant noble formerly of Silvermoon. Not quite done yet, but I liked the close up. 🙂


so this happened….Lily as a Demon Hunter: Shivarra Bound.I’m also in love with this.




Elsa the Snow Queen by couph


Este es un encargo de un amigo, de una cazadora de demonios que no recuerdo si era para ella.  pero está listo. Si gustan verlo en tamaño completo vean mi DA o Facebook espero te guste.

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Irisera, Tamer of Nightmare

Finally doodled one of my own WoW OCs again, since I’ve mainly just been doing my roommate’s OCs. Experimented with the backlighting kinda thing, still not getting it quite right. Eh. But it’s at a place I’m okay with leaving it. 

View it here on deviantart!


Night elf druid by Clyptic on DeviantArt.

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