Tales of Glory


I’m not sure what to put here. Introductions in order, maybe? My name is David, and I go by any number of handles online, usually some variation of Snipe. I intend to use this website to share original fantasy and science fiction. I would like to build diverse worlds that draw people in and make them want more. I cut my teeth on fanfiction, and I think I can build on my storytelling there with new worlds and characters that I hope people will love.

My first story is Mala of the Long Road. Mala is a bisexual knight who gets involved in a quest to help an elvish woman. If the response is good, I may write their continuing adventures. My second will probably be a Science Fiction story, once I’ve given it a little bit of a rewrite.

I originally set up this domain years ago with the intention of using it as a catch-all for stories I wanted to write. I suppose maybe now’s a good time as any!


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